Each of my legs stands firmly in one eco-system: most of my work is done on an Apple Powerhorse, but there are other beautiful Unixes, too. Some other things and most of my digital leisure happens on a Linux Laptop, the PineBook Pro. So bringing those worlds play along nicely is a task. This time: GTD (Getting things done): managing business and private tasks.

I work in Unix terminals most of the time, so my nifty taskmanager for the console is Taskwarrior. On MacOS and iOS I moved from Omnifocus to Todoist, and back and forth again. Those switches are more or less project-bound: heavy duty task- and projectmanagement is done on Omnifocus, everyday managing is on Todoist.

I recently found a nice script which does the syncing of Taskwarrior and Todoist: https://github.com/StefanBRas/todoist-taskwarrior (which is a fork of https://github.com/matt-snider/todoist-taskwarrior).

In short:

  • configure it: ./venv/bin/titwsync configure --map-project Inbox= --map-project Company=work --map-project Company.SubProject=work.subproject --map-tag books=reading <TODOIST_API_KEY>
  • setup a crontab: ./venv/bin/titwsync sync